Underage Drinking Prevention

We are opposed to underage drinking and support prevention by providing resources to parents, retailers and educators.

  • Drinking Among College Freshmen
    (The American Freshman Survey, UCLA)
  • Underage Drinking Trends
    (Monitoring the Future Study, University of Michigan)
  • Influences On Youths Decisions About Drinking
    (GfK Roper Youth Report)
  • Family Talk About Drinking Evaluation
    (Market Tools)
  • Underage Drinking Trends
    (National Survey on Drug Use and Health, US Dept of Health & Human Services)
  • How Youth Obtain Alcohol
    (US Dept of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control)
  • Americans Support Alcohol Education
    (ORC International)
  • College Drinking Perception vs Reality
    (National College Health Assessment, American College Health Association)
  • International Parent Study
  • Parental & Family Influence Literature Citations
  • Youth Behavior and Alcohol