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College students are making responsible choices.

College Programs

Recognizing that the college environment is a mix of underage students and  students 21 and older, we are careful to ensure that we reach the right audience with the appropriate information.  Social Norms programs reduce harmful drinking and related behaviors on college campuses and reinforce the fact that the majority of college students are making responsible choices.  Anheuser-Busch works with campuses and has invested nearly $11 million to support social norms programs at universities across the country since 1999.

Our underage drinking prevention resources for parents and educators, combined with our wholesalers’ training and I.D. checking initiatives with local retailers, provide the foundation of our efforts to keep alcohol out of the hands of students under the legal drinking age.  For college students who are 21 and older and choose to drink, we emphasize the importance of drinking responsibly, which include programs to prevent drunk driving and the purchase of alcohol for underage friends.

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Fast Facts
  • 68% of college students used a designated driver when they socialized during the last school year. (National College Health Assessment)
  • 99% of college freshman do not drink daily. (National College Health Assessment)
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